Welcome to the Experience Sampling Methodology (ESM) Item Repository!


We are an open science initiative, which aims to support the further development of Experience Sampling Methodology (ESM) research by creating an open repository of existing ESM items. To achieve this, we established the ESM Item Repository in 2018 as part of a three-phase project. The repository portal launched in October 2019 and to date the repository contains 756 items, contributed by five different research groups, across four different countries, and we have more on the way!

The primary aims of the ESM item repository are to:

- Provide a source to help researchers find items, learn about their use, and detect relevant items for constructs of interest

- Support the integration of knowledge about existing items

- Help researchers identify overlapping items

- Support the conceptual development and psychometric evaluation of current and new items


If you would like to find out more about how to use the ESM Item Repository or contribute items, you can find all the information by navigating through our website.


Using the repository: Emotion regulation items

Anu Hiekkaranta, November 2021

The struggle of selecting good experience sampling items

Gudrun Eisele, November 2020

The Experience Sampling Method Item Repository: What are we doing, why are we doing it and where are we going next?

Olivia Kirtley, October 2020

Our Team

Olivia Kirtley

Project Lead

I lead the repository team and guide the scientific and conceptual direction of the project. I work on collecting item contributions for the repository, designing user materials for the repository, problem-solving, and output. 

Y.K. Kunkels

PhD Candidate

From our start at the 2018 ESM Network Meeting, I have worked on front- and backend development and maintenance of the Repository code.

Mette Bekius


I support the project by translating incoming questionnaires from multiple languages into English.

Anu Hiekkaranta

PhD Candidate

In the ESM Item Repository, I work on planning and conducting our ongoing Delphi study with ESM experts, to develop quality criteria for ESM items. I also assist with item submissions and communication with contributors. In addition, I work on graphics and outreach materials.

Davinia Verhoeven

Research Assistant

I work at KU Leuven, and for the Repository I mainly work on cleaning the data before we upload them into our database, so that search queries will provide researchers with the correct data.

Daphne Tuyaerts

Research assistant

I am a research assistant at KU Leuven, and I work on collecting and processing items for inclusion in the ESM Item Repository

Gudrun Eisele

PhD Candidate

I joined the ESM Item Repository team end of 2019 and am working on a Delphi study with ESM experts to develop a quality assessment tool for the items in the repository.

Martine van Nierop

Admin support

I'm based at KU Leuven, Belgium, where I take care of all admin needs in this project and have built this website!

Steffie Schoefs

Research assistant

I am a research assistant at KU Leuven, and I work on collecting and processing items for inclusion in the ESM Item Repository